Acting as a Fractional COO

Davidson Value Advisors acts as a Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) for our clients. As a Fractional COO, we take problems off of the owner or work together to develop an execution plan. We specialize in companies where resources are limited and headcount is scarce. For a company that is transitioning between growth stages, a Fractional COO can provide an affordable alternative until the company has grown to need one full-time.

Our Core Values

The following values shape what we do for our clients each day, and in turn, help our clients find success.

Listen and then advise.

Every business and owner is unique. And in times of transition, there is usually more to the story. We look for the source of the problem or opportunity and help business owners dig deep to find the why, which makes the what and the how easier to execute.

Measure results.

It all starts with an attempt to achieve something important: more of this or less of that, revenue going up or expenses going down. We help businesses identify what’s predictive so that we always know what’s coming. We measure results, we review, we watch, and we maintain over time, that’s how decisions are made. Our best clients know where their business is today and have a very good indication about the future because we’re committed to measuring results.

Say no.

The hardest decision to make is actively deciding to stop providing a service or eliminating a process. Organizations often keep doing things a certain way because that’s “the way they do it.” Focusing our efforts provides the best opportunity for the success and improves our outcome. We help business owners and leadership teams understand that saying “no” is often a good thing.

Davidson Value Advisors Can Help You…

financial improvement
Improve Financial Performance
We find ways to profitably increase revenue or focus on profitable revenue.

We closed a less profitable branch to improve the profitability of a company. We closed the branch by selling it to a competitor. This included selling the inventory at cost and the competitor hired the employees from the branch.

Solve Problems with Leadership Team
We stay true to finding the right team to be the leaders of your business. As your company’s fractional COO, Davidson Value Advisors will fill the gaps along the way.

We transitioned through three (3) leadership team members until we identified the right person for the team. When the right person was found, the productivity of the team completely transformed for the better.

Improve Cash Flow
We help you get paid sooner for the work you are already doing.

We collect A/R when it is due.  The secret is getting current and staying current.  It is a process and not an event.  Be really nice and helpful—most of the time it is a paperwork issue and it is better to work it out sooner than later.

Sell or Exit From a Business
As a CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor), we are uniquely qualified to help you prepare to exit from or sell your business. When you decide to sell or a buyer appears, we ensure that you are always ready to sell at the highest multiple possible.

Recently, one of our clients completed a sale of their company. When it came to the due diligence package, all of the financial information and important documents were ready to go. This minimized the need to involve the rest of the leadership team during the exploratory stage of the process. It also built confidence in the buyers, which increased the likelihood of a higher multiple.

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